Among the speakers you couldn´t miss Juraj Jandl and Milan Špak, members of the company management and, in the same time, two founding members of the Energy Group. There was also an animated presentation which led the audience through 25 years of steady growth showing step by step the chronology of acquisitions and building up the overall picture of the group´s current state of affairs.

Situations like these give us an opportunity to award those, whose work contributed significantly to the continuous growth of the group and the individual companies within. In his speech Milan Špak said, “… it´s people and their potential that moves us forward. Our competitors may have the same technology and production program, what they can´t copy, though, is the people.”  And, with these words, twenty awards, certificates and personal thanks passed through his hands to twenty employees for their long-term hard work and commitment.

After the speeches were over, all the guests were invited to enjoy the banquet and a non-formal dance party with Kopaničiar folklore band from Myjava. Even though there were nearly a hundred of those who accepted the invitation, the atmosphere was still family-like. And no wonder. Where collegiality and mutual understanding dwell, no job titles or degrees should prevent people from enjoying each other´s company.

List of the Awarded:

Juraj Jandl

Leszek Tabas, in mememoriam

Ivan Šimonovič

Zdenka Ondrášová

Michal Hoľko

Zdenka Smolinská

Iva Stöhrová

Pavel Tokoš

Radovan Pobočík

Bohuslav Koči

Július Ďurčo

Andrej Obrtlík

Eva Krčová

Miroslava Hercová

Anna Šedivá

Milan Rambala

Lenka Čajková

Mária Durandzi

Josef Kohút

Eva Romančíková