Crops Production


Agricultural cooperative PD Nižný Lánec manages 563 ha of agricultural land, of which 512 is arable land. We grow predominantly wheat, maize and sunflower. Part of the production serves our internal needs and part is grown for profit.


From the overall area of 563 ha we use 51 ha as pastures for our beef cattle.


In PD Nižný Lánec we share the machinery with our affiliate agricultural cooperatives of PD Čečejovce and PD Bohdanovce. It includes John Deer, New Holand, Zetor and Ferguson tractors and tractor carriages such as Strom, with18 and 21-ton capacity and Mega, with 13 and 20-ton capacity, together with NTF-15 NV/A water tank. Our machinery also includes Class Lexion 650 combine harvester, New Holand FR 9050 forage harvester, Comprima CF – 155XC round baler and Pöttinger Rolll Profi 3200 Supercut round bailer.

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Livestock Production

Animals in our farm

In PD Nižný Lánec we specialize in Charolais beef cattle breed. The herd consists of 157 dairy cows, 102 heifers under two years of age, 45 calves under six months of age and 4 breeding bulls. The rest of the herd consists of 45 male beef cows and 47 heifers in late pregnancy. The cattle are kept predominantly on pasture, only in the winter season they are kept indoors.


Since 2012 we have been operating the beef processing plant of the affiliate agricultural cooperative PD Čečejovce. Our cattle are downed here under constant veterinary supervision. All the three main parts of the plant – the slaughter hall, the cutting room and the chilling room have been completely modernized.


The facilities and machinery of PD Nižný Lánec are being gradually modernized. We are planning to rebuild the young cattle breeding stall and the beef cattle stall.

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