The celebrations were held in two separate locations.  The Open Day took place in the premises of agricultural cooperative PD Čečejovce. As the year before, even this year it was mostly the families and children of our employees who came. We were also glad to see our new mayor, Mr. Lukáš Macák, who paid us a visit with his family. Overall, there were 120 visitors on our Open Day, including 70 children.

Apart from the tour around the newly redesigned premises with cattle runs and exhibits of agricultural machinery, our guests were mostly held up by the calves. Refreshment in the form of traditional “Lacipecsenye” (local variant of roasted pork), roasted sausage and cabbage-filled peppers was given in our workroom with a recently altered look. Ice-cream was served by ladies from our staff – to the delight of the children who were passing their time with colouring books, or running around with balloons and other small gifts in their hands.

The Municipality Day, on the other hand, took place in the centre of the village, counting more than 800 visitors. Here the mayor of Čečejovce was accompanied by other mayors from the surrounding villages who kindly accepted the invitation from the hands of our chairman, Mr. Július Ďurčo.

The biggest delicacy and a highlight of the day was, traditionally, an ember-roasted bull – with beer or soft drinks – although the one-pot beef goulash received many favourable reviews as well. Children, in the meantime, could choose from a bouncy castle, balloons of various shapes and a wide range of sweets as a side dish.

All the time Slovak and Hungarian pop music could be heard, adding to the atmosphere which culminated that night in a live performance of a singer and entertainer – Laci Betyár.