The latest news about imported food products with low or health threatening quality force Slovak customers to think better about what we eat and where we shop. In PD Čečejovce we have always been proud to produce, process and distribute traditional Slovak quality meat.

Holistic Approach

Our experience in beef cattle breeding tells us that the quality meat needs much more than just good breed. It is the conditions in which the animals are kept, nourishment which they are offered, how the meat is processed and stored. Our livestock production consists of 600 heads of Holstein beef cattle of which one part are dairy cows and another part are male beef cattle. In addition, 100 ha of our agricultural land are pastures and nearly 2000 ha are used for growing crops, which grants us full control over what our animals eat and how they are. Knowing that, we give our full attention to how much time our cattle spend in rangeland.

Quality Meat and Food Products

Beef and dairy submitted to distribution are processed in our own facilities and under constant veterinary supervision. The slaughter hall, the cutting room, the cheese processing plant and the chilling room have been completely modernized to meet the highest hygienic standards. Our regular customers know that our beef and other food products are available in the showroom, right at the premises of our agricultural cooperative. We are also happy to see the increased number of wholesalers who buy from us. It means that the quality production of PD Čečejovce is now accessible also through market chains – with the guarantee of quality and origin. This is good news for all our customers.